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As part of our efforts to support learning and understanding about children and young people’s mental health, from September the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust will be hosting weekly online learning sessions.

These will run for 30 minutes at 6pm on Tuesdays during term time and we hope that the discussion will continue on Twitter until 7pm using the hashtag #CYPMH (children and young people’s mental health).

We may sometimes run additional webinars at different times to respond to the needs of the community.

All webinars will be recorded and made available as a learning tool beyond the live session.


There will be six types of session:

Taught Webinar 

Expert leads a taught session on a specific topic, 20 minute taught session with 10 minutes Q&A

Expert Led

Named expert leads a session with the intent of either teaching or inspiring.  We will invite a variety of people as requested by our community, suggestions have included Matt Haig, Natasha Devon & the Self Esteem Team, Sue Cowley, Jonny Benjamin and Ruby Wax.

Topic Q&A

A panel of experts / practitioners assembled to answer both pre-submitted and live questions on a specific topic. Where appropriate and feasible a YP will form one of the panel.

Research Roundup      

A new piece of research is shared with practical implications about how this could impact on practice in school.

Bookclub Follow Up    

Author Q&A and ideas sharing from this term’s free bookclub book.

Sharing Practice 

Best practice in a school or other organisation is shared – ideally with the school talking through their case study for about 15 minutes, then Q&A for 15 minutes. Where appropriate we’d encourage pupil involvement.


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